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It has been designed with obsessive attention to detail. Form follows function throughout, from the ever-changing welcome screen to essentials like messaging and alarms.

Download 14 day free trial. Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
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There’s More

Everything else. And then some.

World of Apps

Ubuntu offers thousands of apps available for download. Most are available for free and can be installed with just a few clicks.

Office software

Create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations on Ubuntu, the open source office suite that’s compatible.

Web browsing

Renowned for speed and security, Ubuntu and Firefox make browsing the web a pleasure again. Ubuntu also includes Chrome & Opera.


Ubuntu comes with Thunderbird, Mozilla’s popular email application, so you’ll have fast desktop access to your email.


Watch all your favourite content on Ubuntu with apps for playing, managing and sharing your videos. Edit your movies with PiTiVi


From Sudoku to shoot-em-ups, we’ve got loads of games that’ll keep you busy for hours. There are thousands of games available.

Smarter Searching

An open source operating system.

Our code is shared openly throughout the development cycle. We are transparent about our plans for future releases, so as a developer, carrier or manufacturer, you can work with us to start building Ubuntu mobile experiences now.

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